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Reverend Malcolm will always talk to you in person confidentially  assured Email: People and Animals DONATIONS Web Cam distant healing through Skype

We can also send out distant healing via a web cam using Skype.

Using this method,  I can see the patient in real time scale in front of me on my laptop

Reverend Malcolm will connect to his doctors in the spirit world and link up to you through your picture so he can treat you.

We can book an appointment at a date and time that is convenient to us both.

The treatment may last between around 20 minutes up to one hour.

Reverend Malcolm will treat his patient for as long as necessary.

All patients will always receive the best treatment they can have in every treatment.

A patient may feel better after just one treatment,  but we usually suggests starting with four treatments,    one each week over a period of a month.

But every patient and condition is different.

Really serious,  or long term,  or terminal conditions may require ongoing treatment.

With these I always recommend starting with weekly over a 3 month period then see how the condition is from there.

On or before the treatment date,  you can send a donation by what ever method you prefer,  we suggest a donation to our charity of  25  to 50 GB pounds.

If you can afford more this will help a great deal

Or you can simply pop into any bank, Or send by your own on line banking using the above details.

You may find us through our Email address below.

Hi Malc ,

just wanted to thank you again for last nights web cam healing......

Its such a strange experience,  I suppose to you its become part of your normal life.

But to me its such an unbelievable thing still, during the healing I get feelings of heat ranging from a very gentle warmth to a quite strong burning.

Last night it was mainly in my elbow which has been quite sore for a few days, that's what is the strangest of all, that it finds the problem area so well.

 After you went last night whilst I was talking to a friend I could feel different areas of my arm from shoulder to my first finger and thumb on my left sort of,  don't know how to explain it,  well for one thing I had feeling in my finger and thumb which are normally numb and have been for some years, and all week I've had a burning pain in my elbow when I moved it, that has completely gone this morning.

 As always though I felt nothing in my lower spine ..  no heat or anything but when I stood up 2 hours later and waited for the usual stab of pain there was nothing, that always takes me by surprise.

I can actually stand completely upright again,  still have an ache in my back that never really goes, but the difference between hauling myself upstairs and running up is wonderful.

  But wonderful as that is ,  I count that only as a bonus, the real marvel is how different my mood is afterwards,  I feel so calm and content sort of serene after a healing,   and it lasts for quite a while,   weeks rather than days,   like I'm looking at the world in colour rather than black and white.

I know I ramble on about it,   but its such an experience the way my mood lifts,   since I met you and had that first healing I have actually started sleeping at least 6 hours straight through usually more,  where before for the last 12 years I was sleeping hour by hour,   very rarely staying in bed more than 3 hours in total.....

 That in itself makes such a difference to my life,

I bless the day that whatever pushed me towards meeting you, sorry rambling again just wanted you to know what a difference you make,    the day after a healing I'm always on such a high my brain feels as though its been spring cleaned ........

  I get more done than I would normally do in a week,   don't have to push myself I just do it,  its lovely,  so thanks again.

Don't worry when your busy and cant do it,   I always feel so much better than I did 3 months ago.                       Glen.

A lovely testimonial from a lady with a lot of problems after receiving web cam healing from Reverend Malcolm