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I had a telephone call from a retired nurse.

She had never rang psychic lines before,   but was sitting on the floor in front a bottle of pills,  she felt her life was not worth living any more.

Then she thought,  ( actually a voice told her to),   ring up and talk to a medium first before taking the pills.

She decided it would not do any harm so she picked up a ladies magazine,   flicked through the pages,  and stopped at the page with the advert  for the company I was working for then.

She rang up and was put through to me,  as I talked to her,  listening to her stress and feeling of being completely alone,   I said you are not alone there ?

Launa said to me,  I am alone,  there is no one here with me.

I said I can see a golden colour Labrador type dog sitting in the bay window catching the sun rays ?

Launa said to me,    that is *********,  he died 18 months ago,  he always sat there to feel the suns warmth.

Then I said to her,  I can also see a Yorky type little dog sitting on a cushion on your sofa by your side ?

Launa said  that is ****, she always sat there with me

Launa then realised,  that not only she was talking to a medium who was genuine and true,  but she was not completely by herself.

We had a long relationship over many years where I helped her over her many emotional times.


I spent 100 pounds with a hypnotherapy & it done nothing for me.

1 session with you, and  I was totally relaxed & felt like I was floating on air all afternoon.  

I even said to the people on my course I feel like I am floating on air.                        

 Ruth,  college lecturer,  Bromsgrove     Worcs.

  I met Ruth many weeks later who still had no interest in smoking.


While walking Billy along a peninsula in Newquay,  he met a tiny dog to play with,  its owner chatting with us.

On returning to our car they were trying to write our phone number down,   talking to them again they told me they desperately wanted to stop smoking,  and could I help them ?

We arranged an appointment soon after, and I treated them both,  a lovely young couple.

They only had one appointment, although I always recommend 4 treatments over a month.

Many months later I met them walking the same peninsula,   the gentleman still had no interest in smoking,  even after all that time and only one treatment.

The lady started smoking after a few weeks.

It did feel like she did not have the real want to stop smoking,  or further treatment.

But that is what it is like with a problem like this.

The person really needs to WANT  to stop for me to give them the will power to do so.

         James & friend,  Cornwall


I could not cope with life after the death of my father, after he fell out of bed at the hospital and other problems.

As soon as you started talking to me, I felt the pain and stress just floating away.

    Rohna   Scotland