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 I treated Puppy 3 times by personal appointments during February & March 2014,  this was followed by ongoing distant healing,   and I am still treating Puppy to keep her fit and healthy.

Puppy is a 7 years old dog,   her vet said dogs with this condition usually can not walk,  or walk  properly.

Jo,  who had been trying to find me for a very long time,   was very concerned about the medication so took Puppy off her medication after I treated her for the first time.

Puppy is now running around,   the  vet told Jo,  Puppys owner  to keep up the spiritual healing as it is helping Puppy  !

The first time I treated Puppy,  February 2014,   she walked very slowly and stiffly into our healing sanctuary,  you could see how hard it was to walk.

With Puppys limbs working properly after continuous treatment,  the running she now does has helped her loose weight,  together with some diet changes.

I  was told recently,  ( June),  that Puppy can run so fast now that she even caught  a rabbit to the horror of her owner !

New photograph of Puppy how she is now,  looking very happy with her new life style

12 months on  J  took puppy for a checkup,   the vet took one took at her and said

I have not seen Puppy for a year ?,  no dog could manage without medication with this condition


Over 4 years on Puppy is still going walks

The vet told Jo that she didnt expect Puppy to last the year !

Immune-mediated polyarthritis in dogs

This inflammatory joint condition presents in many

forms,   often causing systemic illness and some times causing cartilage and bone destruction.   

Exciting  new  news about Puppy July 2018,  4 ½ years on,  Puppies owner a lovely lady from London decided  to bring Puppy to see me in person here in Cornwall where we live. I have treated Puppy by ongoing distant healing Puppy  still walked into our healing sanctuary without any trouble

When Puppies owner first brought Puppy for personal treatment back in February 2014,  Puppy struggled to walk into our centre her legs were so stiff.

Now over 5 years later she still walked in without any trouble.

She still goes for a swim often,  and a walk allbeit not so far as she did go.

Puppy is starting to look old, as she is entitled to,  a lovely old lady over 12 years old now.

While treating Puppy again in person,  she just lay back and let the healing energies flow into her body.  Her owner said the next day she was a lot better

She was booked into the same vets the day after just for a check up,  who was still amazed with her after al these years treatment by distant healing.

In fact her vet again asked for my details so she can give them to her parents.

It is so nice for us to see a patient still doing well after all these years,  especially a dog Photographs taken July 2018 Puppy swimming in the river  2 weeks  after coming to me