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Hi Malcolm,                                    In August 2013 my son Steven phoned me at work.

 'Mam, come pick me up, take me to the hospital,  he said.

I knew it was something very serious from the moment I heard his voice.

Steven does not over react in any situation,  and call it mother's intuition,   I jumped out of my seat immediately.

I had to drive to the other side of town and he was walking down to meet me.

He was in a lot of pain.    He had eaten a piece of meat which was lodged in his oesophagus and it wouldn't move.

When we got to A&E the team there gave him drinks to make him sick, but it wasn't making any difference.         

The pain was getting worse.

After 7 hours, they referred him to a ward to be cared for overnight.

Luckily a nurse that just started on duty was asking questions about x-rays,  and promptly went in search of doctors on the ward about his condition.

They told me to leave, but early in the morning I was asked to come in.

This time there was a team of medics around his bed.

What they found was a tear in the oesophagus and acid from his stomach was seeping into his lungs.        

 They were to operate immediately.

It was 10am before he was taken down to theatre, and nine hours since we had entered A&E.

If left he would not survive.    I sat and prayed for his life.      

I remembered Reverend Malcolm.

I spoken to him years before and I desperately needed someone of a spiritual healing nature to help.

I am a healer myself,  but felt too close to Steven to be affective.         

I was so emotional.

I rang,  and as ever I knew he would have time for me,  whatever he was doing.

He rang me back straight away and I gave him all the details of what had happened.

I sent him photo's of Steven.

Malcolm and I kept in touch over the next few days, which was crucial and during his recover a few weeks after.

 I am convinced Malcolm's healing pulled him through.

Also being there for me at such a desperate time. I cannot praise him enough.       


My comments:

I do remember this case as it was very serious indeed.

I remember Steven showing improvement shortly after my starting treatment,  and the doctors were so impressed with progress,  ( they did not know I was treating Steven), they sent him home.

I said to  J   it was much to soon,  but I cannot interfere with doctors decision.

Sadly,   I was right,   and Steven was readmitted to hospital within days,   it was the position he was kept in not moving that was the  important factor,  which was vital to my treatment from my doctors.

Steven was only back in for little over a week if I remember right, and then sent home for the second time.    

I was in agreement on this occasion,   from then on Steven was making a good recovery.

I am most pleased he is back to his normal life now.

Ruptured Oesophagus  -  Touch and Go