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Patients  with  Cancer

I was very weak and could not get out of bed.

The hospital send mer home as they could do no more.

Someone recommended you to me.

After the first treatment, I managed to get dressed and get up for a while,  after the second,  I could make myself s drink and sandwich.

After the forth,  I was outside having a BBQ for our wedding anniversary,    including a few drinks !

Family came from all over the country,

For 3 or 4 days after your treatment,  there was debris in my water when I filtered .

I was receiving no treatment from my doctor or the hospital,  only from yourself.

Jim.     Worcestershire.


2 years ago I had radio treatment to reduce the growth of cancer in my left eye,

but it has returned.

My eye was closed,   quite enlarged,   and in a lot of discomfort.

After the 1st treatment from you my eye was half opened and the pain was not so bad.    

After the second treatment,  my eye was open fully for several days & no pain at all.

 even my local shop keeper asked me what treatment was I having as he noticed the big improvement in my eye.

After a few weeks of treatment from Malcolm,  I was called into my hospital for X-rays to see what operation was needed.

 To the consultants surprise,  there was no trace of the cancer in my eye ?                    

 Semi retired nurse,    Birmingham



After loosing one breast 10 years ago with cancer, it returned in my other breast.

A friend gave me a phone No of one of this countries top healers,  who gave me your number.

After some weeks of treatment from you,  I was called into my hospital to have the  X-rays to see what operation the surgeons would have to do.       

Much to their surprise,  there was no trace of cancer in my breast.              

Sue, a nurse  working in an Intensive  burns unit at a famous Birmingham hospital    Worcestershire

After major surgery I was in so much pain, pain killers were not helping.

It was approaching Christmas,  and I desperately wished I could have a nice Christmas with my family.

Someone told me about you so I called you in.

 I had 4 sessions with you as you recommended.

Each treatment with you I had a longer spell of pain relief,

After the 4th session the pain just melted away. I had a great Christmas with my family,  thanks to you.

Maggie            Bimingham

Major Surgery with Cancer