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it will make no difference at all,  you may be in the house next door,  or the other side of the world,  distance will make no difference to the strength or power of the treatment Reverend Malcolm sends out, as it travels through the spiritual realms.

Reverend  Malcolm has helped people in almost every country and continent  over the years,  and is usually treating patients in several countries at any time ongoing.   

At the moment we are treating patients in several different countries

Distant healing,  (sometimes called absent healing,  but we do not accept that wording,  as the healer is still connected to the patient),   is just that,   treating a patient who is not present in person with Reverend Malcolm.

  It can often be just as good as having a personal appointment with Reverend Malcolm,  (see testimonials).

Some patients like to have sessions over the telephone,   where Malcolm asked the patient to lye on their bed,  then Reverend Malcolm lies on his bed,   and can feel through his body to the patient,   then working through the phone direct the patients hands to where they are needed.   

The treatment can last anytime from around 30 minutes onwards each session.

Distant  Healing Reverend  Malcolm Sending distant healing out to a  patients any where in the world, with the use of photographs. A technique worked out between Reverend Malcolm and his doctors in spirit.

To book a distant healing appointment,  email or ring to arrange a day and time,

We suggest a charity donation of  £25 to £50 GB pounds for gentle healing when the condition is not to serious.

For terminal and serious conditions,  when Reverend Malcolm usually achieves a high success rate,

Reverend Malcolm has to work al through the day and night to achieve the success he gets

We recommend a starting donation of £100 gbp plus per week,  if you can send more it will help a great deal

Our charity is always in urgent need of funds

You may send us a donation by Post

 Or you can simply pop into any bank, If you prefer the good old fashion way,   just send us a cheque,

or P.O.

Ring for an address

Malcolm can also use a web cam, and through Skype so he can see the patient in real time in front of him,  

again the same time scale as above would apply.

Even talking to Reverend Malcolm on the phone,  many people tell him that pains have eased,  or even gone while talking to Malcolm.

Distant healing can be sent in many ways,    by using photographs, the usual way Reverend Malcolm & his doctors choose . A personal treatment by using your telephone,  we will discuss this with you.

 To achieve such high success results,  distant healing has to be sent out throughout the day and night,   this involves a great deal of his time every day / week.

Some treatments will involve working through photographs,  so Malcolm can feel and work on a particular area in the body.

Other times,  at night for instance,  Reverend Malcolm can simply close his eyes any see his patient in his higher consciousness and so work remotely on them.

With very serious conditions and patients,  Malcolm is often woken in the early hours of the morning so send out healing with his doctors,  he does with much dedication.