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Cambridgeshire County Telegraph    

Malcolm has been working for spirit and spirit guides for many years, helping customers and patients worldwide gain knowledge about unanswered questions or find direction in their lives.

 Malcolm also offers Spiritual Healing including Distance and Absent Healing,   Hands on Healing,   Psychic Detection and Web Cam Healing.

Malcolm is a certified healer, and has gained a long list of satisfied clients and patients, who he has helped, from all over the world.

Many of his previous patients have been cynical about Malcolm's abilities but have been amazed and delighted with the results he has produced

The healing works by balancing the bodies own energy centers, as well as the body's circuitry which helps to remove any blockages.

This helps the body's own self healing system to work better and gives the patient an energy boost, putting them in a state of relaxation, ready to accept the healing.

Malcolm conducts the majority of the healing, without touch,  I attune to the healing source, and channel it through my hands, to the patient which brings about any healing needed, through my doctors in spirit.

They can reach places and do things that human doctors can't and as a result, are able to heal areas  previously diagnosed as untreatable.        

A patient does not need to have any particular faith to benefit from the healing, but must have an open mind about the treatment they are about to receive, if they want the process to be most effective and to feel better.

Spiritual Healing can help a variety of illnesses's and any symptom, whether physical or mental can be greatly improved by Malcolm's healing techniques.

Although there are no guarantees, a patient should soon notice an improvement in his / her condition, whatever it maybe.

Distance Healing (also called Absent Healing) can be done for patients who live too far away to visit Malcolm or are too ill to travel.

This type of healing works by my attuning to the healing source, then joining with the patients higher self in order to send the healing to them.

The patient does not need to do anything, although it does help if the patient relaxes when I tell them too and thinks about me and the healing session.

Distance Healing is just as good as Contact Healing as the phone can be used to help channel the healing to the patient. "Many patients find that they experience a tingling sensation when talking to me on the phone and experience a light floaty sensation after the session has finished."

Malcolm is keen to work alongside the medical profession and can help patients who have had surgery to recover much quicker than with alternative treatments.

 In many cases, spiritual healing has brought about dramatic changes to a patients life, even with some illnesses that can not be cured by medical science today.

I have an extremely high success rate and patients are often telling me, with much surprise, that after coming for healing with one complaint, another, that they had not mentioned to me, has gone or eased, which shows as I say, I treat the person as a whole and not the condition.

Animals can benefit just as much as humans as they have no inhibitions and accept the healing without judgment or question.

I have always had a great affinity towards animals and I love treating them as well as humans.

It gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to know I have helped to improve their quality of life and make the animal happier and healthier.

Malcolm's excellent work with both animals and humans has caught the eye of ITV's program makers, who have recently asked him to appear on a documentary to utilise his unique and unusual gift.

The documentary focused on lost dogs, using Malcolm's Psychic gift to draw on images of where the dog may be, in a bid to find the missing animal.

Malcolm's unique and amazing gift, may at first seem beyond belief,  however his long list of satisfied clients are keen to add their names to his web site as a recommendation of his healing abilities.