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Patient TestimonialsReverend Malcolm Treating a patient

Being a dancing instructor, and need to be on my feet  for long spells at a time,  my knees were giving me a lot  of pain

Also,  after an operation 5 years previous,  every time I try to eat I feel sick.     After just one session, the pain in my knees went

Plus while I did not tell you about my operation,  or my eating problem  ?,            I can now eat with no trouble at all .   You are a little miracle worker.           

Beryl          Birmingham



Dear Malcolm,

My wife broke her back at 12 years of age, and has been in a wheel chair for over 20 years now, with pins and screws in her

She felt wonderful after her 2 sessions with you, and still does.

As a sceptic, I was truly very surprised seeing you pull the constant pain out of her.     

Especially as you told us of several problems you could not have known about !

She has reduced her 6/8 morphine tablets a day to only 2 in the morning.

She does not need a neck collar when travelling, or use a corset to keep her spine straight.

We are looking forward to her next appointment with you.

Our 2 dogs are both a lot better since your treatment. Rosie you treated one to one, William you are treating by distant healing only.             

 William & Corrine

Broken  Back

For a considerable number of years I have suffered pain in my shoulder & back.

I have had numerous treatments including ultra sound, to no avail.   I have never believed in anything to do with the spirit world, but after a number of sessions with Malcolm, I feel very relaxed and without pain.

I cannot explain logically how or why, but without doubt know how it has helped me. I also cannot explain how you have these powers, but you have.                        

 Janet.            Bristol

BACK PAIN Joint Pain and limited movement

After  Bobs second treatment,  I asked how he felt, he said much better, but as he also stopped pain killers he could not say if it was the treatment or the tablets that was the cause of him feeling better ?   This was fair comment But,  the improvement was after treatment.

Then during treatment, he told me he heard a voice clearly saying to him, Its not the tablets.              

 Bob,  Cornwall