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The background music on this site is the main music I use when treating my patients,

Higher Consciousness  by  Philip Chapman.

I1 have many other meditational Cds,  but I find Philips music is truly mediational and uplifting.

You can not buy music of this type in many shops, at least this is my findings,  there are such as whale song,  rain, sea shore,  while relaxational,  if you wish to meditate, or start learning meditation,  then you need music composed for this purpose.   Philip is a truly artist in his field.

I am not saying there are not other composers out there that do equally as good music,  having used many,  I just find Philip Chapman’s music works perfectly with my spiritual healing, and my patients.

Other music I use when in meditation,  or occasionally treating a patient are:

Keeper of Dreams,  by Philip Chapman,   

 Illumination,  by Terry Oldfield, (vocal)

Out of the Depths,  by Terry Oldfield,  (vocal)

Tranquility,  by David Sun,  -  and Music for Healing,  by Stephen Rhodes.

I have many others, but find these work well with me.

I have no doubt that other people/healers/mediums,  may like other music, as it should be,   but I recommend the above through my personal experience.

I have been given kind permission to use this music

by New World Music and Philip Chapman

You can see and buy a very large selection of meditational and spiritual music

by post, or through the web  from New World Music Company.


With new technology, you can even listen to some tracks on line before buying.

Or download them as an alternative to Cds,    from:

New Word Music

Telephone: +44(0)1986 891600

You will find a link to them on all our pages