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Healing  Donations

 Unlike all the household name charities who receive money from many sources, we only receive funding from patient donations and readings, without these we would not be able to continue with our charity work

The donations are for our charity,  we receive no wages from charity ourselves, as is charity law.

So our donations we ask for are very reasonable indeed,  we are always hoping patients are honest and genuine to us and give us more if they can afford to.

After all,  the doctors who send the healing through me  will always know if a patient is telling the truth and worthy of their help.


Personal appointments and distant healing.

Personal appointments       £25-00p to £50-00p  per an appointment.       

 1 per week recommended.

If you can afford to give a larger donation this will help our Charity help patients even more.

Distant Healing:

Distant healing:   £25-00p to £50-00p  per week,      

 For gentle distant healing,  when the condition is not to serious,   

   If you can afford to give a larger donation to help our charity continue the important work.

Donations to reflect all the time Reverend Malcolm gives to each patient,  that also helps the charity to keep operating are appreciated.

We are happy to discus any individual patients treatment with them.

We always recommend starting healing for 1 month with small problems.

For terminal,  serious, progressive, or long term conditions,  for 3 months, then adjust treatment if needed from there on.

Having to spend such a considerable amount of time 24/7,   many hours a week on each patient

Serious distant healing is ongoing all through the day and night, 7 days and nights a week without a break,  often being woke during the sleep time,  to send treatment out to patients who need it.

This takes up a considerable amount of Reverend Malcolms time as you will realise.

Although Reverend Malcolm is in his 70s,  and should be enjoying his autumn years,  he is still working very hard to help others,  we can only do this if we receive sufficient donations to run the charity, or we would have to close.

We usually achieve such high success rates because we put the time in working with our doctors in spirit.

We always hope one day a very rich patient will find us and give us a very big donation so we could buy a house to

give us the security needed in our work and old age.

As well as a healing sanctuary for patients to come for personal appointments.

You may send us a donation by Post

 Or you can simply pop into your bank,

or transfer your donation on line through Internet banking


Account Name:

R Rooke

Spiritual Healing Ass

Sort code:    08-71-99              Account No:   25921501

Bank:  APS Financial services

Overseas bank details on application

We receive no donations from any other source,    only our patients