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I've been going to Malcolm for guidance and healing for over 8 years.

His clarity, kindness and wisdom has always kept me going through my episodes of depression and life upsets.

I regularly use The Enchanted Forest CD three to four times a week, it has become part of my routine at the end of the day,  quite often to co-inside with Malcolm's healing hour.

I listen to the releasing exercises first, then the meditation as it makes it that much more powerful for me, putting my mind in a very calm state.

The stress of the day falling away from my tense body and mind.

  I do feel the benefits of healing when I listen and go so peacefully into the meditation.

This has greatly helped me to keep my depression at bay.

Love,  Kirsty.                                                        U.K.   England



Dear Reverend Malcolm

Thank you for your continued work.

We both listen to the 'Enchanted Forest' and we add to it together making up different situations,  

ie what we are wearing,  and at the back of the cottage are hens and a wood store, as inside is a lovely wood burner!

We love the the fields of poppies and stream and we both go on the walk together !

Kind regards,    Sue                                                                     FRANCE

 I really enjoy receiving your news letters.

I use your Enchanted Forest CD on a regular basis,  and am so thankful that I invested in it as it's helped me tremendously through a lot of stressful situations recently.

 Being able to talk to you over the last few years was a real blessing, you helped me no end but unfortunately it's now far too expensive to phone.

Wishing you love and light,

Alice                                                                                         South Africa