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Stroke and misc


I do not often supply testimonials,  but I think in your case I should make an exception,  so should you want to use my words you have my permission to do so.
After many years of pain brought on by accidents and ignoring the distress my body was being put to, I had in the end to contact a doctor and various chiropractors, physiotherapists, and osteopaths.  

I talked to an acquaintance who told me about you, he had been to see you and within two treatments from you he was as right as rain.

 Everything you have done for me will never be forgotten, and whilst I know I might never heal completely, I know you and your doctors will try your utmost to achieve this, and for that I thank you all.

In these days it is unusual to find such a fine service that you all provide.
So from the somewhat reformed sceptic, once again thank for helping me through very difficult times

Lyn.        South Wales


I had 5 strokes, followed by a coma, eczema in my head that bad I had to wear gloves in bed or I would wake up with my head bleeding,    I could not sleep, had severe pain in my shoulder & back, & was on strong pain killers.

The healing was incredible, I felt that relaxed,  the pain had gone from my neck & back & I could move them.  even my leg that felt like a heavy dead lump, felt part of me now.

Before your treatment, I could not even move my neck let alone my back,  now I have not used my wheel chair for over 6 months.

Just recently, I have felt pain in my dead leg from an in growing toenail.             

Lydia,      South Wales.


I came to you after one of your patients recommended you to me.

I had serious back problems stopping me working.      

Just one session & I could bend down & work normally.

What I did not tell you about, is I have always had circulation problems in my feet, that are always very cold.   

I have even had frostbite working indoors. That night my feet were very hot, & the problem seems to have vanished as well               

Andrew,  South Wales

PS: a year later it had not returned.


Many thanks for the visits to my house with regards to my sciatica problems,  It has improved no end,  

 it took me up to 15 minutes to get out of bed in the morning,   the doctors and hospital had given up on me,  I treatment from you and I could touch my toes !

I look forward to seeing you again soon. Also the dog "Roxanne", seems to be a very young 14+ year old after you gave her a new lease of life.      Thanks again.

Yours sincerely,   Robert      South Wales   


Interest from a nurse

While receiving healing from Reverend Malcolm while I was in hospital,

A nurse came through the curtains, she saw Malcolm giving me spiritual healing, apologized & went.

Later she came back to ask me about it, as she was very interested in what is happening.    


Mrs S.              Birmingham