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This doctor is Caduceus:

He practiced medicine in the ancient Greek period around 450 years BC.

As one can see by his eyes,  he is a very kind, gentle, quiet and caring gentleman,  who is a dedicated physician and  pops in when needed.

The second doctor is Dr Hoyle:

He practiced medicine in the UK back in the 1800s.

He is a very professional gentleman,   who takes no prisoners,  very strict with those who work with him,  they do as he asked as they know he is a very good doctor indeed.

The third doctor is Dr Alan:

He used to live in America,  but has connections to Cornwall,  he is my youngest doctor who went to spirit at quite an early age,  in the last century.

He only joined me earlier on this year.

I feel he was a lecturer as well as practicing medecien,  a very clever man.

The forth doctor is Dr Green,  Arthur:

He practiced medicine in the UK back in the 1800s. he too is a gentle and quiet gentleman who does not make a fuss but takes his profession very seriously.

The fifth doctor is Dr Peter.

I call him that as I feel it is his name,  he prefers to remain anonymous as some do,  as he does what he does without the need for recognition as they all do,   he used to practice medicine in a country that used be called Siam,  this is going back several centuries.

Drawings by Sheila Moore,

Psychic Artist

There are many dedicated doctors on the other side of life,  that are still working very hard to help patients down here on earth.

They just need a healer like myself to work through.

A psychic artist friend of mine has drew my main doctors for me.

She is that accurate,  mediums and very spiritual people who are lucky to be able to see spirit,  have recognised my doctors by these drawings.


The drawing on the left is Bear

Son of a famous Indian Chief.

He has taken on the job of my patient collator and organiser.