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Malcolms  Early  Years

My first car,  a 1934  BSA Scout limousine,   

4 door,  4 cylinder,   5 seater.

10hp side valve with the Daimler fluid flywheel transmission.

And Wilson Pre Select gear box.

A very unusual car to drive,  it had no clutch,  but had 3 foot pedals ?

The for runner to automatic gear boxes,  very few people would know how to drive this car.

Obviously this car was not built for speed.

It was just a fun car to own and drive.

I brought this at only 16 years old  for £17-50p,   with 34,000  miles on the clock from a director of BSA.

A 1961 Jaguar 3.8 Mk 2    my 4th car

Serving my time as a classic and racing Jaguar engineer

I was very keen to own the car I had always admired.

The famous Jaguar XK  DOHC  6 cylinder engine,  4 door 5 seater, 4 speed manual gearbox with over drive

A top speed of 135 mph,  with second gear taking the car to almost 90 mph in a very quick time.      

Not a lot of cars of that day could keep up with it.While this particular can had a factory modification,  making it even quicker,  it would propel the car from standstill,  to 80 mph,   and back to a stand still in 15 seconds.

A 1966 Jaguar 4.2  MK2  E-Type   my 5th car

The same time proven XK  DOHC engine as the MK2,  except 4.2 litre 4 speed gear box.

Purely a 2 seater,  ( although later models were made with a +2 option, but was only for small children).

The 2+2 lines spoiled the streamlining of this beautiful car.

A 150mph sports car,  but the beautiful XK engine was so flexible as with the MK2,  it would pull from only 10 mph in 3rd gear,  yet the same gear would take you to 110 mph.

However you drove both these cars,  you drove them in complete quietness.

The magazines back then used to write,  you could cruise at over 100 mph in country lane,  have your arm resting out the window, and the only sound you would hear was the ticking of the clock !

This was so true.         I brought this for £1000 at 1972

Mouse over the photographs will change,  press the button it will change again.

All 3 photographs are around Worcestershire

1st  and  second photograph around Worcestershire,

 3rd photograph a camp site in the new Forest,  Hampshire

1st photo Church Stretton Shropshire,   2nd photo Barnt Green Worcestershire,  3rd photo Malvern Worcs.

This is not only some acceleration,  but some stopping power as well.

But back in those days,  a Jaguar driver would normally not buy a vehicle like this to be a speed merchant,  or flash.

You owned such a car because of the luxury,  quietness and style as well as the power.

 I brought this for £250 in 1966.

The Jaguar motto back then was:   Grace  -  Pace  -  Space

The smell of leather when you opened the door on a summers day will never be forgotten.