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Hi Malcolm,        

In May, I was sent home by the hospital, saying the cancer had returned.

As they had already taken most of my tongue away in two previous operations,  they told me they could do nothing more, no operations or further treatment.

They told me to go home and enjoy my life as best as I can.

I saw your advert in a friends news letter of yours,  and rang you up straight away.

You asked me to send some photographs as soon as I could which I did.

You started treating me straight away.

I have just had a check up at the hospital,  3 months on,  who now tell me they can not find any trace of cancer in me,  

much to their surprise ?

I then drove a round trip of 900 miles just to shake your hand for what you had done for me,  calling in at Oxford on the way to bring a friend in need of healing.                      

I know I am in the safe hands of you, and your doctors now.

9 months on,  it was winter time,   I visited my doctor with a cold,  

 he told me he could not understand how or why I was still alive !

 He did not know you were treating me.

Cathie,     Darlington,  Co. Durham.


Distant healing, with two initial personal appointment.

I lost a breast 10 years previous, the doctors told me it had returned in my other breast,   as well as my head and chest........

My consultants said it was to advanced for any treatment,  and advised me to go home and live my life to the full.

A friend brought me to see you at a dog show.

I had a personal appointment with you that afternoon,  followed by another treatment at another show some weeks later,  then this was followed on with distant healing.

I felt that full of life after my first session with you I could have skipped away.

I asked if the sun came out,  as sitting there with my eyes closed I saw a powerful golden light going through my eyes,

My friend sitting in with me said no,  it had not.

You explained it was the healing power of spirit that I saw while receiving healing from you.

The consultant on a check up some months on could not understand how well I looked when they thought I would be dead, so decided to do a scan.

3 months later, they could not find any trace

of cancer in my head.

2 months later, they could not find any trace of cancer in my whole body !                 

 Thank you,       Margaret.       

South couth coast area