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I think many people have heard through many avenues it usually takes many months to slowly come off Valium, years sometimes I have been told by a nurse.

Yet this patient stopped taking her Valum over night after just one treatment from me.

I was called out to see this lady by her son who was very concerned about his Mothers state of mind,  she could not eat,  sleep,  go outside,  or do anything,  she was on Valium for the second time after a violent relationship and she was very depressed.

As I walked into her house it was like walking into a wall of negativity it felt so strong,  I knew there was a lot of work to do here.

I sat down to say hallow and talk to the lady,  taking hold of her left hand as I felt I had to do,  as I asked   L   how she felt.

She just started talking and talking,   her son sat there with his mouth open in amazement saying  she does not talk,  she did to me.

After I let   L   get everything off her mind that she wanted to,  while giving her gentle healing through her hand.

I then started with her main treatment,  it was quite a powerful session as I knew it would be,  I picked up several things not related to  Ls   depression, but it was not my job to say anything about this with the problems she already has.

After the treatment and I brought  L  back,  the first think she asked me was …  are you wearing anything ?,   

I said ..  no, I do not use anything when treating patients,  why I asked ?,  

she said     while you were treating me I could smell the cologne my Nan used to wear ?,  I said yes she was with you during treatment.

L  went on to say,   I also have serious pains I did not tell you about all round my middle,  I was to worried about my state of mind to think about anything else,  but now you have treated you that pain has gone to ...

I said to  L  I was aware of this but did not mention this as I did not want to worry you,  it could have been something from the past still hanging around,  something you have now, or something new coming, so I just treated it while I was working on your whole body.

The next day 24 hours on I spoke to   L,  who sounded a completely different person as she was.

L  said to me,  I have gone out for the first time in weeks to buy food,   and I noticed for the first time it was spring,  I heard the birds singing and I noticed the buds on the trees.

I thought to myself job well done.

L  went on to say,  I have not taken a Valium tablet since you treated me,  I have no interest in them at all,  and as soon as my head touched the pillow I fell asleep.

L   stopped taking a very addictive drug  after just one treatment fom me,  as she simply decided that she did not need them any more.

I was never called out to treat   L   again,  sometimes spiritual healing can be as quick as that.

18 months later,  someone who I do not know,  but was a friend of    L,   spotted me out and made a point to come over to speak to me.

She knew about me and I treated her friend,  and said   L   is still perfect after 18 months after treatment, and enjoying her life.

Some times treatment can be as quick as this Coming off Valium after just one treatment

I never  asked the patient to stop taking any medication,

I would never do that,  she just felt that good she decided

to stop this serious medication all by herself.

Many patients also stop taking strong pain killers,

as they have no pain after treatment.

A GP also once said this to me.