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My old mother felt too ill to let you treat her in person, after an operation that went wrong

One week after your treatment, she asked to be helped down stairs to eat at the table with the family.           Two weeks later, she wanted to help prepare the meal,      

4 weeks later she was driving around the farm on a quad bike !

She often said to me,  Malcolm is working on me, as I can feel a warmth going through my body.                                                   Alvechurch,    Worcestershire



Hi Malcolm, just to say THANK YOU  and THANKS TO YOUR DOCTORS ...

I am feeling a lot better and even had a good night's sleep (short night really - quality sleep). With all the things going on these last two weeks I had not realized what stress I had been under and how it affected the rest of my body.

I did not even notice that I was being treated until the wave passed down my left side and went ....

The tingling in my hands (that's where the energy goes in) did not start until much later. As you may recall, I actually had to get up and walk around before I realized that a weight had been lifted and although the pain is still there, its less now.

Also my eyesight has suddenly cleared .... I have had problems with focusing recently and everything was like behind a veil.

Actually, it was that gone I first noticed      Obviously your doctors knew more.

     Hexie,              Kings Lynn, Norfolk


Did not want to live

I remember well talking to a friend one night when I was very low and confused, she'd asked you to join in because I was having a lot of back pain..

You gave a treatment, during which I felt a terrific heat in my back and legs,  but aside from this before Hexie left, she and I were talking about my Gran who had passed when I was 14,   I was very close to her and during my breakdown I just wanted to be with her.

And I had attempted to join her as I thought, while I was talking to Hexie, you told her you could feel a man Laughing.

I suddenly saw my uncle in my mind, he was young as he died aged 32, and always threw his head back when he laughed, and his eyes sparkled,  but as you spoke I saw him so plainly.

  Its been a long and rocky road.

But now for the first time in many many years I'm feeling good about the future.

That night helped me so much  

Love and best wishes to you both,  hope it is a good year for you,  and that you get that puppy as soon as the time is right.

Two methods Reverend Malcolm uses to treat all his patients no matter where they are in the world.