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This is a sad case of psychic detection that  I was called in a few years ago.

It is a story about a Labrador called George who was stolen from where his owner lived and worked,  a big equestrian centre.

I was called in to see if I could find George by his owner,  who lived a long way from me, working with Georges photographs, I started to build up a picture in my subconscious mind about that time and what actually had happened.

There was a program being filmed about stolen and missing dogs for ITV, and the program makers on being told about my help in this,  rang me to see if I would be prepared to go to the place and be filmed going through the motions I was  in my attempt to find George.

While around 240 miles away I found that intriguing so agreed to go and meet the film makers.         

 As I started to get nearer to the place where George was stolen from,  I started to receive a picture building up in my mind about the time and how the thieves stole George.   

Once I crossed the county line,  still a long way from the place,  I could see a long drive, about half way down the drive,  there was a gate on the left.

I could see gypsies leading George through the gate and along a path by the side of a hedge,  at the other end of the path, the land joined the main road,  but there was no gate,  only a low fence,   the other side of the fence there was a small lay by, where I saw a transit type pick up parked in waiting.

This is the path that was taken when George was stolen,  on arriving at the equestrian centre,  and driving down the long drive,  there was indeed one gate on the left,  

Georges owner was not there,  or the TV makers,  so I tool a walk around,  walking up the drive to the gate,  I went through the gate,  and walked along the path which was as I saw in my vision, by the side of a natural hedge.

Getting to the end of the path which was quite long, it did go to the main road,  and there was a small lay by,  exactly as I saw.

I was in no doubt my vision was the exact event in time scale I had experienced in the theft of George.

Later Georges owner did confirm that the police did tell her there were gypsies about for a few days when he was stolen.

On returning back to my car, the owner returned from shopping soon after,  before long the film makers,  so we started on the recording for this program filming me doing what I was when working on the photographs.                                

After asking me what I was doing and how,  the filming ended with us both walking along the drive where I had seen the thieves lead George.

The good news,  was I saw George had been sold to a family with 2 little girls, and so  George was having a good life adored by his new family and the two little girls.

The bad news,    despite all my hard work,  most proven true by events,  location,  and the police,  Georges owner did not get back to me to let me know how she went on .......

But this is some people for you.

I did feel that George did have a great time for the rest of his life, with plenty of love from

 his new owners.

George The Labrador