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One of my old clients who had been ringing me for many years,  rand me after her and daughters cat had gone missing.

This was a pedigree cat, and a home cat who never strayed from her home and garden.

I decided to help my old client without spiritually travelling up to that location with this case.

So I asked her to ring back in the evening to give me time to see what I could “see”.

I could soon see there were a couple of little girls who had picked the cat up as she was a beautiful looking cat.

They meant no harm, they just wanted it for them selves.

I could “feel” the little girls had put the cat in the garden shed so their parents could not know about the cat.

In the evening my client rang me back.

I informed her of the findings as above.

I also told her I saw the cat walking through some grass,  it was well maintained grass,  not growing wild.

There was a large building there that I felt was probably a school ?

I could see this lovely cat would escape and find its own way home within 2 days.

In the meantime,  my client had made some posters with her cats picture on asking for people to keep their eyes open.

The next day my client rang me to give me an update.

She told me at 2-30 in the morning she was woke up to the sound of her cat meowing out side in the garden.

Also,  she had received a phone call from someone who had saw one of her posters,  and had seen the cat walking in some grass by a school !

So proven facts that what I “saw” was completely accurate….…......…

I was asked about a tortoise,  that had gone missing.

The owner asked me if I could tell them if or when / where the tortoise was or would come back.

I told them I could see the tortoise would return to the garden between 4 to 5 days time.

I received a phone call later in the week to let me know the tortoise had returned in the time frame I had predicted.