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Spiritual Healer

Reverend Malcolm

works with

Ben, a Rottweiler



a similar article in...  

The Darlington & Stockton Times

While looking a-round the regions largest dog show the

     Darlington Championship Dog Show  

 I noticed, as well as the usual trade stands, selling doggie products,  

a most unusual stand  offering  Spiritual Healing,  to both dogs & their owners.  

Talking to Malcolm  he said Many people are suspicious and frightened of Spiritual Healing.

 But what it does is balance the body's or animals own energy centres, as well as the body's circuitry, to remove blockages, It helps the body's own self healing system to start to work better.   

Malcolm said he was so busy treating animals and humans  that he has had to cut down on the number of dog shows he used to attended.      

He said: ....  Animals are more susceptible to this kind of healing because they have no preconceptions,    I always feel I have done something  worthwhile when I have treated an animal,  as it is so nice to be able to help them.

We did have to reproduce the above photograph ourselves,  as all the press sent us was a paper the quality of such was too poor to scan and copy,  this is a true likeness of the press photo