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It was winter time,  and my cat was so weak she could not even jump up onto her chair besides the arger for warmth during the cold winter nights.

A patient of yours you had been treating for a considerable time told me about you,  and mentioned you also do distant healing,  so I rang to ask if you could help my cat by distant healing.

You told me you would start straight away,  even though you did not have any photographs of her

Just 20 minutes after I rang you,  and you started sending  Kitten  distant healing ,  she came walking in the room, jumped onto the chair back,  and then started jumping all round the room, from settee to chair and back.

          It was truly amazing.                                       Dawn    Carmarthenshire,      South Wales

After this,  every time I called in when holding healing surgeries in that part of the country,   I called in to treat the farmer,   the cat always came in to where I was,  and jumped up on my lap to help herself to healing !


My cat at birth was very ill with multiple problems,  she spend a lot of time at the vets,  and a

fortune trying to keep her alive.

Her blood count was very low and the vet said they could do no more.

I rang you up and asked you to treat her,   you asked me for some photographs which I sent,  and she quickly started to get better,   after treatment from you,  the next time I took her to the vets for a check up,  the vet did a new blood test,  and told me her cell count was exceptional for any cat ,  the vet told me they could not understand it.

You have been treating my cat for several years now,  and she is still well,  considering the vets

 were not expecting her to live,  this is amazing.

You have also treated and helped many other cats and dogs belonging to my family.

                                Love,  Veronica.                                                           South East