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It concerns a lovely lady,  H  with a nice husband and children with everything to live for.

She was looking forward to seeing her children growing up and her having grand children.

One of my oldest clients rang me up about this lady,  a close friend of hers,  telling me she had been diagnosed with cancer in her lower area.

 D  asked me if I would treat her friend,  of course I said I would.

She took the photographs of her friend  H   for me and sent them to me,    H  told me I could discuss everything with her friend as they were so close,   (or under our code I could not talk to her friend who introduced her to me).

When talking to her friend about the photographs she took for me,  I told her I could see and feel a major problem in the lower area,   D   almost squealed with excitement as I had told her just from working with the photographs,  where the cancer was.

But I also had to tell her I could also feel a little problem towards the top area also,   the hospital with their X-rays did not pick that up.

I started treating  H   by distant healing only as she lived a long way from me.

Although  H  was quite well off,   her friend who was not,  told her she would send donations for the first three months till her next scan, then she could decide if she wanted to continue with her treatment.

During the three months,   H   started to feel better and better,  she even sent me a photograph of herself lying on four poster bed in a posh hotel in Blackpool while having a lovely break with her husband.

She was feeling so well.

The three months time went and her next scan was due.


Her friend told me the cancer was so evident you could see and feel it pushing out of her tummy area,    and yet when the consultant examined   H  he could net feel anything,  which puzzled him,  so he had to go and get the X-rays so he could see exactly where the cancer was to examine further.

So a major improvement in the state of the condition,  although there was still a long way to go as I advised.

This was the end of her friends donations to the charity,  so she left   H   to continue with treatment,  expecting her to continue with treatment, especially after such a big improvement in her condition.

But   H  was reluctant to continue with treatment or donations,  despite funds been no problem.

Finally   H   booked another month, treatment,  then after a further delay,  booked a second month.

H   then decided to stop treatment although it was clear it was not finished.

She seemed more worried about trusting me with her card to do this for her,  despite her friend told her she had been coming to me for around ten years ?

Now the sad ending to this story.

Within a few weeks after   H   stopping her treatment,  she started to get very ill,  I did say it was far to early to stop treatment when she did,  but my advice was ignored.

She was soon in hospital in a very serious way.

Her friend rang me to inform me of this change of condition.

Apart from this,  the hospital had now found another problem in her upper body area,

  exactly as I had felt and told of three months ago after my first examination,

 I felt the condition,  but the hospital had not.

She really was in a very bad way by this time,     her friend told me   H   said to her since she stopped treatment with me her condition had worsened greatly.     

Adding when she was out of hospital she wanted to start treatment again.

Sadly,  by that time the condition had worsened so much it was to bad for even my doctors to help,  so regrettably the patient lost her life.

While I obviously can not say for certain, what would happen if   H   had continue with treatment.

I believe the facts to date showed and was proved by the consultant just how big the improvement was in the condition

So my doctors would most probably gone on to achieve the results the patient wanted should she had continued with her treatment.

This is a very lovely story,   but with a very sad ending ! DISTANT  HEALING  CANCER