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Hi To All Spiritual Followers of Reverend Malcolm,  I would like to thank

Reverend Malcolm for all his kind spiritual help.

I first found out about him in about 2004 when I was going

through a divorce.     He was very supportive at the time. Over the years I have kept in touch over various matters that have caused me grief.

He has been there for me and has offered prayers and advise.


A while ago we had a nurse ask us if we would treat her for breast cancer,  one of this countries top healers recommended me to her,

Of course I agreed,  she had lost one breast 10 year previous, and it returned in her other breast, this time she wanted a little more help so looked at spiritual healing.

She was a nurse in a famous Birmingham hospital,  and they just signed he off till they were ready to do her operation, so she was receiving no treatment at all.

After 11 weeks of treatment she was called into her hospital to have X-rays to see what evasive surgery they had to do,  I went back to treat her on the 12th week,  and she told me her hospital had given her the all clear,  after my treatment they could find no trace of cancer in her breast !

She had a Border collie that had a bad leg,  in fact he was limping quite bad,  he was ran over 18 month previous

I never treated the dog,  but he just sat by her leg during treatment,  his bad leg got better and he stopped limping !

The power of healing !


We will never ask a patient to stop any treatment or medication they may be having, or should any treatment effect treatment from a spiritual healer, and vice versa, so you can go to a spiritual healer with the confidence and knowledge of this.

Although most patients stop taking pain killers as they do not have any pain after treatment !

A G.P. we met, who trained to be a spiritual healer after using one in his surgery for over 10 years, told us apart from helping patients that he could not help by medical means, he was not prescribing serious medication that would cause problems further down the years for the patient.

A glowing testimonial from a lovely G.P.

It is also true, that many of our patients that come to us with serious and terminal conditions, have been given up by the medical profession as medical science today could do no more.

We can never claim to cure any patient of any condition, but when patients have been given the all clear from their

consultant, after just treatment from ourselves, we have to accept the diagnosis from these professionals and the equipment they use.

All our patient testimonials on this site are 100% accurate and true, including many medical professionals.

Reverend Malcolm achieves very high successes with his patient treatment

Even with conditions medical science today cannot help with.

Together with his doctors in the spirit world

Who are still working as hard for their patients

as they did wen they were practicing down here on earth

Spiritual Healing will usually helps every patient in one way or another,

no matter how serious the condition may be,

even many illnesses that medical science today cannot help with.

Used for thousands of years by many civilisations and cultures

You have nothing to loose, and everything to gain