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My interesting cases


Was the MI5,  MI6,  or FBI / CIA listening in ?

This was a very interesting case indeed,   one of a very few readings where I was unable to connect to my client ?

But there was a reason as the reading unfolded.

 I had a lady from Scotland ring me up for a reading,  but as I started to try to tune into her there was a high wall preventing me from connecting.

As this reading was on a premium phone line which I also had back then,  I was concerned at the cost to the lady,  so I told her I could not connect to her,  as I was prevented from access.

She then laughed,  not the result I was expecting,  but with what I told her she knew I was genuine.

She then told me she was a neuro surgeon, as well as being heavily into politics in Scotland back then,  going on to tell me she was friends with an important senator in the US.

She assured me it was just that,  friends,   but then asked if I had heard clicking on the phone,  to which I said yes,  I did think it strange.

She told me this happens to both her and her senator friend in the US,  there is always clicking on the line ?

They are both convinced that both their phone calls are been monitored by the secret services,  either in the UK or USA,  or maybe both ?

I said to her I am not surprised at that,  and my failure to connect which was deliberate,  was the proof,   you can never fool spirit,  they obviously knew the phone call was been listened into, and was not prepare to allow any other person to hear what I could tell her.

This was a very interesting reading,  while I could not tell her anything, we had a nice chat together.

I had a lady who worked in a solicitors office,   she had found a job advertised in a much better firm than the one she was working for,    so she wanted to know if I could tell her if she would get the job when she went for an interview.

I had to tell her that I saw that she would not get this job,    she sighed disappointed.

But I informed her that they would be offering her another interview for another position within two or three weeks time.

Then she really started to tell me off,  with words like there is not another job,  and this is the worst reading I have ever had, and I will never ring you again.

This also was on a premium line, so every minute was costing her money,   she went on and on and on,  in fact about ten minutes of complaining to me and moaning about her reading,  I just sat there listening, ( I knew what I had told her was true,  so if she wanted to moan at me at her expense so be it).

20 minutes came and she was cut off as is the law with these lines to protect the customer from spending to much money so I put the phone down.        Seconds later it rang again,  and it was still this lady who had not finished telling me off !

She was on the second call for another 10 minutes,  when I said to her I am sorry but I have to tell her the truth as I am told.    The call ended there.   The lady spending around 20 minutes just telling me off,  and my letting her get things off her chest.

Some weeks passed and the phone went one day,   a voice said hallo its me ?,  As if I should have recognised who it is when I had not spoken to this person more than once before.

She went on to say its the lady who gave you such  hard time a few weeks ago about the solicitors job !,   I said I remember.

She said,  I thought I had better ring you up to apologise,  as well I have got some good news and some bad,  I said oh yes ?

She said the good news is you were right,  I didn't get the job.

I said I am sorry to hear that…..

She then went on to say you were also right, they did ring me up to go for an interview for another job 3 weeks after. I said that is good then.

She then said,  but the bad news was I did not get that job either !

Well,  she did start complaining to me before I could continue with the first reading,  so I never had the chance to see or tell her about that job.

But she apologised for being nasty to me and it was good of her to let me know.

I simply said to her I didn't  mind,  she needed to get things out so I just let her do that.