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Hi Malc ,   

 I just wanted to thank you again for last nights healing......

Its such a strange experience I suppose to you its become part of your normal life.

I bless the  day that whatever pushed me towards meeting you ,  sorry rambling again,  just wanted  you to know what a difference you make.

The day after a healing  I am  always on such a high my brain feels as though its been spring cleaned.

I get more done than I would normally do in a week ...  

But to me its such an unbelievable thing still, during the healing I get feelings of heat ranging from a very gentle warmth to a quite strong burning.

 After you went last night whilst I was talking to a friend,  I could feel different areas of my arm,  from shoulder to my first finger and thumb on my left sort of ,  dont know how to explain it,  well for one thing I had feeling in my finger and thumb which are normally numb and have been for some years,  and all week Ive had a burning pain in my elbow when I moved it,  that has completely gone this morning.

As always though I felt nothing in my lower spine ..  no heat or anything but when I stood up 2 hours later and waited for the usual stab of pain,  there was nothing,  that always takes me by surprise.

I can actually stand completely upright again,   still have an ache  in my back that never really goes.

but the difference between hauling myself upstairs and running up is wonderful.

Last night it was mainly in my elbow which has been quite sore for a few days,

that's what is the strangest of all,  that it finds the problem area  so well.

  But wonderful as that is ,    I count that only as a bonus,  the real marvel is how different my mood is afterwards,  I feel so calm and content,  sort of serene after a healing,   and it  lasts for quite a while,  weeks rather than days, like I am looking at the world in colour rather than black and white.

I know I ramble on about it but its such an experience the way my mood lifts, since I met you and had that first healing,   I have actually started sleeping at least 6 hours straight through usually more,  where before for the last 12 years I was sleeping hour by hour very rarely staying in bed more than 3 hours in total.....

That in itself makes such a difference to my life,     dont have to push myself I just do it ...   its lovely  ....   

so thanks again.                                               Anyhow take care,   love,   Mrs G.


Patients testimonial

A lovely letter from a lady we treated

It is not only the psychical that can be helped by spiritual healing

Over the years we have treated many patients with possession problems

although often they have no idea what is happening

One such case I was contacted by a lovely lady who said her husband was acting quite strangely,

This man was a successful barrister she told me.

I asked for photographs as usual with any patient so I could “scan and feel” what may be going on.

It did feel to me that there was something going on inside him,   I did feel this was originating from another source.

I started treating this gentleman,  who had no idea I was treating him by distant healing at all.

Keeping in touch with his wife,  she told me after a months treatment she noticed a vast improvement in her husband,  how he behaved etc.

There are many ways we can become under attack,  that I do not want to go into detail for obvious reasons,  some quite innocently,  some more evil and dangerous.

It was because of this we were asked to produce our  Spiritual Protection CD, that shows how a person can try to protect them selves from some types of psychic attacks. there is information about this on the visualisation CD link.