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Dear Malcolm,

Monty went into the vets for a simple operation,  I  was told to ring later that day to see if he could come home, which I did.       

They told me they did not think he was recovering to their confusion, and would keep in for observation.

To cut a long story short, they opened him up again to find he was haemorrhaging,  they found out he was haemophiliac.    


The vet said it was touch & go if he would live,   we had friends in the breed waiting with us whilst Monty was given a blood transfusion.

My friend just looked at me and said Malcolm I said who is Malcolm,  she told me he was a healer.

       That was it for me,   the hope I needed.

We went straight home to her house, she found your card,   and I rang you, you said you would do everything you could, and asked us for photographs of Monty,   so we sent you a photo.

Meanwhile Monty was having another blood  transfusion and getting worse,   the vets were preparing us for the worst.

I went to bed expecting to be woke up in the night to be told Monty had died,   ( he was on 24 hours surveillance).

But I woke up in the morning, ran down stars to ring the vets before I even got dressed,

The vet said we can not believe it but Monty had got better ?

  So we went to see him later that day and he was running around.

   Over the next few days Monty was getting better & brighter, they said we could take him home,   although he had a scar about 2ft long, he was playing like a puppy.

He had more tests & his blood was thickening, the vets were absolutely amazed ?

I strongly believe,  if it was not for you Malcolm,  for using your wonderful gift,

Monty would not be here with us today.

There are no words can really thank you enough for what you have done for all of us, especially Monty.

We all want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.                   

Karen & family.   Essex

Monty, some 18 months later, swallowed some plastic & had to go in for another operation, the vets were very worried indeed, but found his blood was perfect & experienced no problems this time.

           Monty       Clacton UK