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These are some of the questions people ask when enquiring about spiritual healing.

By meditation,  and tuning into spirit,   I can raise the vibrational rate of my mind,  so I can attune to, and work with the doctors in spirit channelling healing energies to my patient through my hands.

A healing session can usually consists of three areas,   


 I work on the major chakras in the body,  by opening them,  cleansing them,  to remove blockages and negative energies,  then I balance them and close them, but leave them open a little,  visualise them like a rose bud,  not wide open,  but open enough to allow the body to breath,   If your chakras are to open,  then you are susceptible to take in any illness or negative from several sources,  if they are closed,  then illness and negativity can not leave the body.


  I work on the bodys own circuitry,   cleaning,  and making sure there are no blockages, which will also prevent illness from leaving the body.    Pain may be trapped in the body because a blockages is preventing it from leaving.


  I work on any area’s that I find are the cause of any illness or condition present in the body, quite often, where pain is felt, may not be the where it originates.

Will the healer touch me ?,    

is another question is often asked,  most of the work is done without touch,  occasionally,  it is necessary to place my hands on the body,  but it is only done with the patients permission.

Do I need to take my clothes off,  

only coat and shoes,   casual clothing is best worn by the patient.

Do I need faith,   

no,  spiritual healing is not faith healing,  all you need is an open mind and to want to get better, and leave the rest to the healer.

Can animals have spiritual healing,  

animals can benefit just as much from spiritual healing,  as we can,  in fact they have no inhibitions as we do,  so take the healing without judgement or question,  in fact I treat many animals,  from one to one,  to around the country and over seas.

How does distant healing work,   

also absent healing,  it works by my attuning to the healing source,  then joining with the patients  higher self, to send healing to them.

I prefer to call it distant healing, and not absent healing,  as the spirit is always with the patient,  it is as good as contact healing,  even talking over the phone can channel the healing to you,  if you remove the cause of the illness there can be no illness,  as I say,  you may take an aspirin to remove an headache,  it may remove the pain,  but it will not remove the cause of the pain.

Printed in a well know psychic paper.