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A lady contacted me in total distress after her husband had left her for the second time.

She wanted to know who her husband was seeing,  just her way of coping with the stress and worry.

This also was a remote situation,  being hundreds of miles from where we were.

Of course I assured her I would do my best to help as always.

I spiritually transported myself to where I needed to be.

Looking around,  I was just over the road from a pub.

It was quite a tatty pub,  not sawdust on the floor,  but not what anyone would call nice by any standards.

I went into the pub,  and could see this ladies husband standing at the other end of the bar talking to a barmaid.

She was slim,  bottled blond,  and what I felt was not that a nice a sort.

I was not given a photo or any information about this man,  but I just knew it was the right man,  this ladies husband.

Going back outside,  I looked around at the surroundings to mentally note what I was looking at,  then returned to my physical presence.

When the lady rang back I reported my findings to her.

Thinking about my information,  she said “I think I know where that pub is,  so I will try to find it”.

On her next phone call she told me she had found the pub as I had explained,  and took a friend her husband did not know to the pub,  who went inside, and found exactly as I had “saw” and described.

I was so glad to have helped her.


On another occasion,  she got back to me,   this time she asked me if I could tell her where her husband was living,  and if it was with this barmaid,   as she had checked his narrow boat and there was no sign of him living there ?

Again I spiritually transported myself to the place I needed to be,    I was looking at a strip of 5 shops,  the right end was a chip shop,    by the side of this shop was a scruffy dirty brown front door that led up to a flat.

Going through the door,  I could see the stairs up to the flat was as shabby as the front door.

It was clear to me her husband was living with this barmaid.

I returned to my physical body.

When my client phoned me the following day, I informed her of my findings.

She said she did not know where this was but would try to find it,    on the next phone call she informed me she had found these shops and all was as I had “saw” and explained.

But although she had gone there late at night,  there was no sight of her husbands car,  she said she had drove around the near roads in case he had parked it away from the flat so it would not be seen,  but there was no sign of his car ?

I told her she was looking in the wrong place,  his car was parked in the yard behind the flat/shop.

She told me she had looked behind the shops but there was no gate to drive a car through, it was all 6 ft by 6 ft wooden panels ?

To which I said it is most certainly  there,  and she needed to take a closer look at the wooden panels,  as one of them was not screwed to the post,  so it could be opened up to drive a car through !

The next time she rang me,  after going back she had drove behind the flats/shops and looked,  and yes,  I was right,  one of the panels was loose,  and peering inside,  there was his car as I “saw”.

The story continued.………………

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