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I rang you up after being diagnosed with breast cancer,   you even told me which breast it was to my surprise,

I lost my husband some years ago with cancer.

I had a weekly healing session with you over the telephone.

Where ever you asked me to put my hands over a position on my body,

 I felt the healing going through my hands.

Three months into the treatment, I wend for a check up.

(I was not accepting any treatment from the hospital),

They did a thermal image of my breast,

they found no sign of the cancer,

the next week they asked me to come in again for another scan, as they wanted to make sure the 1st scan was right.

The 2nd scan also proved negative.          

 Much to their surprise.

Newmarket      Suffolk

Telephone & misc. Distant Healing


While having distant healing over my telephone, I could not understand how you knew where you wanted me to put my hands, but you were spot on

My hands went from warm to very hot when I put my hands in the position where you asked me to.

Telephone healing

Treating another medium:

While you were treating me, I was aware of several doctors around my bed working on me,  and described them to you.

I could see a very distinguished looking head doctor at the foot of the bed overlooking the operation


(non mediums, would not see, or be aware of this,   so do not worry)


Thank you for treating my father, who was on a life support machine in a hospital in Germany, very close to death.

Soon after you started treating him, he started to get better, he was soon off the life support machine, and soon after, back with me in England.

I could feel the power of the healing going through me to my father when you were treating him when I was with him


Cathie.   Darlington.  Co. Durham

Over seas

When talking to you, on the phone you picked up right away where my daughters problem was,   who lives half way around the world ?

Just talking to her a few days later I could hear she was feeling a lot better,  I did not even tell her you were sending her distant healing.       ! .   

Melissa              America