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Helen,  a really lovely lady with a terminal condition I have been treating by distant healing, woke up one night to see a gentlemen standing looking at her in her bed.

Quite frightened she woke her husband to tell him there is someone in their house.

He awoke, looked over and said to his wife there is no one there ?,  although Helen could see him very clearly ?

The second time Helen awoke that night the same doctor was still there,  three times that night  Helen  woke up, and on the third time there was a second gentleman there also ?

As  Helen  said, it could not be a dream, as you never go back to the same dream once you wake up !

Some days later,  Helen was looking over our web site with her friend who recommended her to Reverend Malcolm,   when they came across the page about our physicians,  and studying the drawings, she could see very clearly,  she recognised one of my physicians is one of the doctors who was with her that night.

On another occasion,  Helens  husband woke up to see one of my doctors at the bottom of the bed himself.

I am often woke up by my physicians during the night,  and the early hours to treat patients when they are more relaxed.

It was a good experience for  Helen  to actually see one of my physicians treating her.

The physician was Dr Hoyle, this doctor has also been seen by other patients over the years, including a Medium I was once treating over the phone.

Another patient recently saw my Indian guide by her side all the time I was treating her at our healing sanctuary.

While another personal appointment patient here in Cornwall,  after I left the home visit,  told the gentleman who was sitting in during the session,  that while I was treating her she was sure she saw Jesus there with her ?, it is possible, or may it have been Caduceus one of my doctors ?

Do not worry,  you will not see any of my Doctors in Spirit

unless you are medium or need to see one

Some years ago,    I treated a medium over the phone by distant treatment.

After the treatment talking to this lovely lady,  she described what she saw while I was treating her.

There was a team of doctors around her bed working on her as I was remotely treating her.

And at the foot of her bed she very clearly saw the head doctor telling his team when to do.

She described this doctor to me,  it was one of my main team    Dr Hoyle,  as printed in this brochure      Reverend Malcolm / doctors