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An ongoing case written by Reverend Malcolm           

I was called in to treat Lulu after a long illness that was causing Lulus owner a lot of distress for her pet,  she told me Lulu was having around 10 attacks every day,  when she had her mouth open struggling for breath.

The Vet,  who  J  was not happy with,  thought it was Asthma,  or a similar condition,  Lulu went through many tests,  and medication that did not seem to be helping at all.

When I treated Lulu for the first time,  she just lay there not moving,    I could feel she was very unwell indeed.

After my first treatment,  Lulu started purring again,  something she could not do before without it bringing on another attack.

After my second treatment,  Lulu started meowing,  another thing she had not done for a while.

After my third treatment,  Lulu started following  J  around the house,  yet another thing Lulu had not done for a wile,  all these changes showing how much Lulu was improving with my treatment.    Lulu was not receiving any other treatment from vets  at all.          

 By treatment 4 Lulu was not having any serious attacks,  just very occasional coughs or sneeze,  we continued for another 2 treatments to give Lulu as much healing energies and strength to continue with her recovery,  by this time she was back to her old self.

Then Lulu had a recurring ear  infection that her old vet had not cured,  and had a lot of   puss  coming out of her ear.

But as soon as Lulu started taking new medication from another vet,  she become very ill again ?                           

 I was asked to restart treating Lulu as she was having further attacks, these stopped after further treatment from myself.

Many tests were done showing nothing physically wrong,  they said Lulus hart and lungs were ok,  no sign of allergies or  asthma at all ? ,    

Samples were sent to the veterinarian collage, who were also baffled ?

More medication was prescribed by the veterinarian collage,  and Lulu had another attack after starting this,  I started treatment and again she did not have a further attack,   then after taking the new  medication,  she also stopped  eating,   I treated Lulu after she had not eat       for 2 days,  after treatment she went over to her food and eat a little ?

So this case is still ongoing,  it is in no doubt my doctors have made serious improvements to Lulu,  even given her the strength she needed to cope with what she was going through.   I am in no doubt she needs further spiritual treatment ,  I have not treated Lulu continuously during this period of time.

It is like Lulu is effected by all the medication she has ben given,  as every time she has been taking pills she becomes very ill,  her body seems to reject it ?

Lulus owner said several times she wished she had not taken Lulu to the vets as she was so fit and healthy after my treatment.

Lulu is only receiving treatment from the vets as well as her owner now,  this is a very strange case indeed, the only improvement to date is by spiritual healing..

I am not treating her at this time so I have no further input to give.