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This is just an email to say:     thank you so much,  to Malcolm.

Every time I have had a reading from him I have had something praying on my mind about a situation or person.   I find it astonishing some of the details he can give me so accurately,  (peoples, personality and descriptions).

Over the last 11 months Malcolm has been my rock and I do not  think I could have got my head round things and dealt with them the way I should without his help.      He has helped me keep things in perspective.

All I can say is this gentleman has got an amazing gift and I always go away feeling lighter in mood.

Keep doing what your doing Malcolm.                                                Stacey J xxx

I've been going to Malcolm for guidance and healing for over 8 years.

His clarity, kindness and wisdom has always kept me going through my episodes of depression and life upsets.

I regularly use The Enchanted Forest CD three to four times a week, it has become part of my routine at the end of the day,  quite often to co-inside with Malcolm's healing hour.

I listen to the releasing exercises first, then the meditation as it makes it that much more powerful for me, putting my mind in a very calm state.

The stress of the day falling away from my tense body and mind.

  I do feel the benefits of healing when I listen and go so peacefully into the meditation.

This has greatly helped me to keep my depression at bay.

Love,  Kirsty.                                                                                      

Thank you Malcolm for the reading.

 Anyone who is thinking of having a reading its good, a lot of things that were said related to events past and present in my life and of course the future.

Hi Malcolm

Just wanted to say thanks for my tarot reading last night.

I still can't believe how true it all was for me and I shall look forward to what happens to me in the future plus the other bits.

I will also definitely let you know of anything that does happen that relates to the cards from last night.

I think I'm hooked on this sort of thing now, it was truly remarkable especially with all those cards coming out, still can't get over that.

Once again, thanks, you've made me see things a lot clearer now.            Paula x

Thank you so much for Tarot reading last night,  It was very uplifting and kinda put things into perspective.

 Was very accurate and picked up on things concerning me most.   

All you lot who haven't had one yet... get in there quick!

 Especially if things are confused........

 Thanks again Malcolm....   Betty  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Just wanted to say thanks for the reading you did for me on Friday night. It was really good, gave me insight into things I've been thinking about for a while and now realize that they will be the right choice in the end.

And the big change, well we are moving in 4 weeks and got the conformation letter Saturday morning.

So well done!!      Love Vickie                                     

P.S. Would recommend a reading to anyone !!