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Patient  Testimonials


After treating a patient with a serious neck problem,  in fact her doctor told her she could end up in a wheel chair just through moving her neck quickly.

She was very pleased with how she felt after treatment.

 I left the patients house after,  she said to the person sitting in,  she saw Jesus while I was treating her.

She also asked if the sun came out,  this is a common occurrence with some patients,  it  was dull all the while I treated her,

it was the light of spirit the lady saw as healing went into her body,

while her eyes were closed.

This patient  actually saw Caduceus,  one of my main physicians who work through me.

After treatment, although Ann had not told me of her condition,  she smiled and said, you went straight to my problem ?

I smiled and said       of course



Due to heavy building work, my back suffered greatly,  after one session with you.

 I felt a hand on the top of my spine for 3 hours after.   Both the hand & pain then vanished                           

 Steve.   Up North.




After a night of being sick, and coughing all night, I found I could hardly breath. 999 was called and I was rushed into intensive care, wired up to 5 machines.

I was not allowed to move, in case the blood clot on my lung started to move around my body, which would be very serious indeed.

Malcolm gave me healing, at my hospital bed several time that day. As well as subsequent days after.

The next morning, I was taken down for an X-ray, to see if the clot had reduced in size.

But despite the consultants and doctors in the hospital, (as well as later, my own doctor and nurse), telling me it would take at least 10/14 days for a blood clot of this size to disperse,

they could not find any trace of it on the X-ray.

So I was then taken for a complete scan as they were very worried indeed, but still, there was no blood clot anywhere.

         S.         Birmingham


My walking was so difficult when going down stairs or slopes,  I had to bend my knees and hang onto my husband.    After my treatment from Reverend Malcolm,  I can now walk the cliff paths,   Jan commented

 I feel  B. Marvellous            

Jan.       Cornwall

The illness is not the main factor,   even terminal conditions It depends if it is meant to be or not,   many are not no matter how serious the condition may be