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Reverend Malcolm is a spiritual healer first and foremost,  this is what he has been chosen for a very long time ago.

Treating patients,  human and animals,  is his passion in life.

On occasion,  he has been asked to use his gifts to help in other ways.

Spiritual guidance,    psychic predictions,   some people have even asked for just a Tarot reading,  Reverend Malcolm can work with Tarot should a client wish,  as well as he “reads” what the cards tell him not what any book lists them as meanings.

Although he prefers to work with his guides when giving guidance.

Over time people have even asked Reverend Malcolm if he would try to help to find lost or stolen pets,  or missing persons.

We always do our best to help everyone,   how strong a connection can vary from client to client.

With this type of work,  information can come in minutes, hours,  or days as there are different variables with every case.

While Reverend Malcolm usually achieves very high success rates with anything he does,  nothing can be ever guaranteed,  but we always do our best to help people in distress,

Below is just one of the clients who rang and asked for help,  this was by remote distant work as the client was hundreds of miles away.

This was from a very distraught lady we helped.

We received a phone call from the lady who had to use a call box as she did not even have  phone.

She was in tears after her Labrador puppy had been stolen, so she ask if I could help find her stolen puppy.

I said I would try as best as I can,  all my patients  and clients know my feelings for animals, dogs especially.

I had to spiritually transported myself to where this was happening,   some may call it Astral travelling,      I found myself standing at the entrance to a grove.

Looking up the grove,  I was drawn to, and looking at a red front door on the house just to the left of the house in the centre.

I felt sure this was the house where the stolen puppy was being held.

I could also feel,  there were 3 young men living in this house,    they were not English,   all were from overseas,  they were white, although this was a large multi racial area.

I was sure the puppy was not being held in this house though  ?

For this work we only ask for a donation of   £100 to help our charity to continue its work If you can afford to give more it will help our charity even more.

Then I transported myself over the roof of the house,   looking down from overhead,   I  could see a wooden structure in the rear garden,  I assumed this was a shed,   but it was covered all over with a blue plastic material.

I could see the stolen puppy was being kept in this building.

This seemed to make the lady calmer,  who then told me her local news agent told her it was probably these overseas men as they have a reputation in the area.

She then told me several name of groves around the area,  I then told her the name I felt was the correct grove.

The lady then told me she knew the grove and house I was telling her about,  red door included.

And yes, she then told me they were white,  Portuguese in fact,    and yes, there was shed in the rear garden covered in blue plastic,  . . . . .

So what I saw was 100% accurate.  

Job well done I said to myself.