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I really must write to you and tell you how unbelievably amazed I am with the accuracy of the telephone reading I had with Malcolm,  

I was feeling absolutely lost and desolate following the break up of my relationship with Andy.

A relationship we had both thought was going somewhere but ended because Andy was unable to get over his girl friend of four years,  who had dumped him without warning,   and immediately moved in his successor.

Andy and myself are both professionals in our late forties, love children, and just want to be happy again - were are not silly teenagers !

I don't know what made me call your number,  my teenage daughter was out,   I was all alone in the house, and feeling thoroughly miserable - but I am glad I did !

Malcolm immediately (and several times throughout the reading), told me that there was someone from my past, someone who did not want me to be happy and  move on,  a snake in the grass who was very self centred and only capable of loving him self,  the perfect description of my soon to be ex husband !

He then told me in two weeks time time, I would be with someone -  in fact I had already accepted an invitation for a birthday meal on the Saturday from a very good Male friend,  whom I know would like our relationship to be more.

I asked Malcolm whether the man I would be with in two weeks was my recent partner, or my good friend.

And he asked me to  concentrate on both.

He then told me that I would be with my friend,  and as I said I had already arranged to meet him in exactly two weeks time.

He went on to describe my ex partner perfectly, both physical appearance and personality,  and described my friend perfectly too.

He then told me that in six weeks time I would b with my ex partner, but just as a friend, and in twelve weeks time it would be a relationship again,  that we were soul mates and would always be together.

A week ago today, I happened to take a route in my car which I would normally not have taken,  at a time I would not be driving, my ex partner was pulling onto the roundabout as I was going around it and waved and flashed his head lights.          

My dear friend said that's it,  you'll hear from him this week end,  only I didn't need to wait for the week end, the following evening he rang me and we were on the phone for forty minutes with him suggesting that we met for a bike ride and a pint,  (we enjoyed cycling), to which I agreed.

The following morning at 9-30 he rang and suggested we went for a drink that evening,  (no bicycle ride he was too tired), so we met up (as friends), exactly six weeks to the day  as Malcolm had predicted.

Since then, we have communicated daily and I saw him again last night.   

I am determined to keep our relationship as just good friends for the time being so he does not feel trapped,  let him talk about his lost love,  and provide a shoulder to cry on, and then let him make the first move when he feels ready.

Already today he has sent me a text and rung me.     

What more can I say.

 Cant wait for the next progression in our relationship in five weeks and two days time !!!

Above all,  having received the prediction from Malcolm,  it has enabled me to deal with the situation in a way I may not otherwise have dealt with it.    

In stead I have been able to be warm,  chatty and friendly - and will just sit back and await developments !

Regards,      M*****   *****,   a very happy customer !!!

Psychic  Testimonials

Dear Malcolm,   thank you for your reading the other night.

I was very interested when you told me there was a little girl from spirit,  about 8/10 years old, with long blonde hair in our house,   especially as I have often thought someone or something  was there.   

More interesting,  shortly after,  a neighbour asked me who I had living with me, as when

walking past my house, she saw a little girl with blonde hair about 10 looking out the window.

I had to tell her there was no one in the house except me ?

Very interesting,  I will not worry about what is there now, as you told me she will not harm me