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Guided Visualisation Cds

Meditation CDs

Spiritual Protection Cds

by Reverend Malcolm

Our range of CDs,  are designed to help and guide you into a state of meditation,  through guided visualisation,  meditation,  breath control,  and healing self help

The benefits of meditation are enormous,  removing stress,  improving health,   making you a more focused and positive person,  we recommend.

The Enchanted Forest is for both  beginners and advanced

Listen to it alone,  or with a friend / loved one,  or in a group.

Also, Spiritual protection,   most people get attacked at some time(s) during their lives without knowing.   

  The reason for this can often be a psychic attack on your body, or from more darker means.

Often,  the person that is attacking you may not even know it,  it can be a friend, work colleague,  even a loved one,   they mean you no harm,   it can sometimes be a psychic ability that they are not aware of.

Our Spiritual Protection CD., shows you the way to prevent this in an easy to learn way.

Just follow my voice,  and in a short time, you will be able to stop this in just a few minutes.

Our visualisation and meditational CDs are £14.99p post free in the UK

over seas at cost

The Enchanted Forest

Photograph taken by:   Reverend Malcolm ,    a Bluebell woods in Worcestershire

 Actual photograph printed on both  CD & cover

The Enchanted Forest


Reverend Malcolm

M.S.H.A.W.  M.C.C.H.A.W.

This CD,  is a meditation,  as well as a guided visualisation C.D.  

An easy way to remove stress and improve your health

A guided visualisation,  will take you on a magical trip  into your own higher consciousness.  

This will guide you gently,   into a state of meditation by music and voice control.

I recommend this as a starting point into meditation,  it is easy,  and very lovely to do.

It can be done while going to sleep as nights as well.

 This will not only help you to relax & be more aware of yourself,  but can also lead to a far better,

positive,  and stress free life.   

Also other long term benefits,  like better health.   

This has been well researched in many countries with positive results.

Getting past the restrictions your mind imposes on you,  is the hardest thing that one has to do with


This Enchanted Forest CD, by voice guidance, helps you achieve this quickly and easily.

© Reverend Malcolm