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Take your phone off the hook and switch any mobiles off,  see that you are not disturbed.

Focus on Reverend Malcolms eyes,   or you may close your eyes,  or focus on a flicking candle flame.

You may use the Enchanted Forest, or the background music to start meditation.

To start,  breath  slowly, let your mind start to wonder and release all the blockages that hold you back,  with practice,  you will find yourself going into a a state of deep relaxation, followed by higher consciousness, and when the time is right,  meditation.

When coming out of meditation,   feel yourself,  wiggle your hands and feet, make sure you are back in your body before you move.

This Enchanted Forest  track, is the complete visualisation track as recorded on our CD.

The full Enchanted Forest CD,  contains more information, as well as special exercises designed and recorded by Reverend Malcolm, to help you become more aware of your psychical body,  then to become aware of your spiritual body, then to help you to release yourself from the psychical to the spiritual.

Once achieving this state of meditation,  you will be able to connect to your higher consciousness,  which is the best state to be in to receive the best remote healing possible..

  There are more advanced breathing exercises in our  Meditation Made Easy CD.

Our visualisation and meditational CDs are  £14.99p post free in the UK,

over seas at cost

Meditation  and  self  healing A guided visualisation into your own  higher consciousness Composed,  written,  and recorded by Reverend Malcolm working with Spirit

To listen to the

Enchanted Forest track,

first switch off the

background music below right

and click on the

music link below

Mouse over to enlarge photograph to focus on my eyes for a stronger connection for meditation

The Enchanted Forest


Reverend Malcolm

M.S.H.A.W.  M.C.C.H.A.W.