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A member of staff at a school,  went into a locked, dark, walk in storage cupboard,  after unlocking the door, when switching the light on,  found in front of her a boy hanging dead.            

One can imagine the stress this caused the lady.

The lady had 6 months of counselling,  that seemed to do very little to help,   her husband on asking me about my special gift,  came to me for treatment

It was while we were on one of our charity tours in our large caravan,  I was treating patients in the awning,  or by home visits.

After treating the gentleman,  I looked him in the eyes,  and said to him,

       your wife needs treatment more than you  ?           

Tears immediately started running down the gentlemans face, and he told me the above story.     

I had noticed from afar that she was in serious need of my treatment,    but it is not for me to push myself onto others.

  I called his wife out who was in the caravan talking to Sue while I was treating her husband.

I treated the lady,  and after treatment,  while having a drink,  she started laughing and joking with us.

Her husband just looked at her with his mouth open,  saying to us,  she had not even smiled since it happened 6 months ago,  now she is laughing   ?

The lady said,

 I do not know where I went,  but I would like to go back.

The following week,  I treated Cathie again,  it is usually my recommendation to have 4 treatments over a month,  1 week apart to start with, then adjust treatment as required.

After the second treatment,  the lady looked at her husband and said.

    I can go in that room now and he is not there.         

I thought to myself,     job well done,    St Agnes camp site  -  Cornwall

A Lady finds a Boy Hanging Dead in a locked room IN  A  SERIOUS  MENTAL  STATE  FOR  6  MONTHS   NO  ONE  COULD  HELP As you can read,  it really does not matter what a patient may be suffering, Spiritual Healing can and does help any condition, no matter how big or small. TREATING THIS LADIES HUSBAND

This ladies husband who asked me for treatment first,  had to give up long distance driving through lack of movement in his arms.

After his first treatment he could move his arms about 50% more and higher.

After the second treatment he could move them even more.

When I asked him if he felt better after the first treatment he said yes,  but as he also stopped taking one of his tablets,  he could not honestly say if it was the treatment or stopping the tablets   ?

He seemed to forget he felt much better after his first treatment  before he had stopped taking the medication  ?

When I brought him round after the second treatment,  he said also I do not know where I had gone to but I would like to go back,   but a voice said to him

It is not your time yet

Also while he was receiving treatment,  a loud voice said to him

It is not the tablets !