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This springer spaniel was very old,  well into  double figures,   and had problems getting up with arthritis, and also could not walk easily.

After just one treatment  I left him sleeping,  as is the usual with dogs after treatment.   

I met his owner a few days later who told me he was running around like a puppy !


Bromsgrove,  Worcestershire.

My Briard, was very subdued, which seem to happen after a sting.

After you gave him healing,  at a show, he seemed to have that much confidence, he went straight back to our caravan and picked a play fight, with my other dogs !

Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show    Builth Wells

Both my Whippets had the runs, despite treatment from my vet, they were not getting any better.

I had many more Whippets at home,  but these were not affected.

After you treated both of them at a championship show, and followed this up with distant healing, the condition slowly went.

with Melenjitus type disease.

 Could not stand or sit up.

Both the vet, & a rabbit breeder said there was nothing that could be done, and rabbits do not recover from this disease.

 After giving him spiritual healing, 3 days later he was hopping around as if nothing had happened.

2 weeks later, the illness returned, this time he was not taken to the vets so received no treatment at all.

 After further healing, the condition completely  disappeared.



My horse was lifeless and had lumps all over his body,  our vets had no idea what was wrong with him.

My vet wanted to put my horse to sleep.

As soon as you started treating him, he started improving,  and running around the field.

The girl who was looking after him  did not know you were treating him and was most surprised at his improvement.

Brenda.       North Wales


My Maltese had several problems and I was reluctant to have her operated on,  as the breed are prone to dying while under anaesthetic.

Since your treatment she is improving.                               

 Isle of Man


A lady  who had a gerbil who was not moving,  she thought it was dying.

She rang me,  I started sending healing out straight away to the little character.

It started improving within hours,  this is a strange case so we can only assume here that healing helped him over the problem    Scotland.

Malcolm, my Italian Spinoni was very nervous,  and did not like people touching him.

His nervousness is reducing after every treatment.

Also,   you told me of a problem he had,   that I knew about,    but did not even tell you

I was very surprised.



I was having trouble showing my Pointer, as he did not like people trying to touch him.   This breed are not usually nervous.

I brought him to see you at your trade stand at  the South Wales Kennel Club Championship Dog Show,  Builth Wells.

You treated him in your stand after the show had finished for the day.

When you finished treating him,  I left your trade stand to take him back to our caravan,

He ran straight up to the first lady who was walking down the field towards us and jumped up greeting her  ! ! ! !

My Border Collie was having fits and I could not trust him with people because he would bite.

I rang you all the way from Scotland, and you said you would treat him.

After you started sending him distant healing my dog is a lot better now.

I can trust him with people & he has not had any more fits.        Scotland