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Thank you Reverend Malcolm

Hi To All Spiritual Followers of Reverend Malcolm,

I would like to thank Reverend Malcolm for all his kind

spiritual help.

 I first found out about him in about 2004 when I was

going through a divorce.
He was very supportive at the time,   over the years

I have kept in touch over various matters that have coursed me grief.     

He has been there for me and has offered prayers and advise.        

A BIG THANK YOU TO MALCOLM,                KIND REGARDS SUE ,                                                                                     South  France



Spiritual Healing is sent out free if we feel needed when giving guidance

There are many client and patients testimonials on this site that are all 100% accurate & true.   

Malcolm does not need to add or exaggerate,   this is the quality of the work he does.

The fact that Malcolms clients come back to him time & time again,  proves & shows the information he gives,  is correct and happens,  or they would not come back to him.

Usually available 7 days a week from 10am to 10pm,  (UK time),  to help clients.  Reverend Malcolm,  also uses his unique gift to help his clients to find the right path in life.

Be it love and relationship,    business and career,  or just to let them know if there is some one around them, or will be in the future,   and if  they can believe in or trust,  or not.

This is because Reverend Malcolm is all about helping people,  be it through spiritual healing,  or psychic guidance,  where ever that are in the world

To book a spiritual, psychic or tarot reading:  075 811 37 649

Readings help to fund our charity:    £1.50p per minute,    no time restrictions

* We ring you back  if required no extra charge, mobiles included, * UK only


What a load of rubbish,  I thought to myself after having a reading with Malcolm many years ago,

 I am not going to ring him again I told myself !     

  But, when everything Malcolm told to became true,  and in the time scale he predicted over several months,  

now many years later, I am still ringing him for help,  I know his  advice will be accurate and true.   D.

We received many requests from lovely people in their twilight years,  because of how things used to be           GOOD OLD FASHION LOYALTY AND  VALUES.

Real honest people with a troubles mind through the above.

They had lost their husband a long time ago,  I remember from 18 months to 5 years and more.

Through the natural loneliness,  being on their own,  they had started to get feelings towards someone in their lives.

It may have been an old or new friend,  even a family friend,  and they were feeling as if they were being unfaithful to their lost husband by having feelings towards another man,  even though they lost their husband a long time ago.

What good old fashion loyalty,  from a bygone age of yesteryear !

I was able to say to my clients, who do you think is causing this to happen ?

Telling them, of the concern their husband had seeing them all alone by them selves,  when he was on the other side of life so was not here with them to support and help them.

I could also tell them,  when they finally left this side of life to join their husband,  they would be the best of friends,  all three of them.                 This could not happen on this side of life.

After being able to give them this information, it changed their life and troubled mind to the better.

What good,  honest,  sincere feelings and values,  from a time of yesteryear,  when things were so very different.

Good  OLD  FASHION  VALUES From  yesteryear